For very long I have been wondering - What I should write about or share on my blog? And recently I tumbled upon few sketches that I made in past, and it clicked to me that I must share it  on Tumblr. Previous two post were just a beginning, stay tuned for more to come by…

A Great Week That I Had.

Movie Watched  - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Awesome background music, great screenplay and great acting. Above all great Direction work by Sergio Leone.

Book Read - The Design Of Everyday Things by Donald Norman.

Eventful Friday Night at Gurgaon, that I ,and even all my friends present there would never forget through out our life!

Enjoyed birthday bash with college friends!!

Illustration by Erik Marinovich

Updating to Mountain Lion!

I have been waiting for long to update my MacBook OS from Lion to Mountain Lion, and most of this waiting was due to slow download internet speed. When I first heard of this update, I searched and found that many people were having problems in updating their MacOS. But let me tell you guys that it was not that hard as it seemed in starting. It was pretty simple and straight forward. 

Just downloaded the Mountain Lion , made a backup of my Mac , continued with the installation screen (it took around 1hr15min) & there you go!!!

New MacOS on your MacBook. :D 

Note: After installation, no data was erased. So, Backing Up of data was not needed there. But yes you should always keep a backup of your system.

I must say the features Mountain Lion provides are really cool !! So, its time for me to discover more of this Wild Animal- 'Mountain Lion'

Very interesting Google Doodle, ★★★ !

Earlier one i.e Hurdle Doodle, had a bug- on pressing down both the side arrow keys, it boosted the speed of the athlete.